Robyn Jackson - Trainer, Speaker, Civility Expert

Meet Robyn

Robyn is the founder of The Civility School and creator of the Professional Civility training program. Since 2009, The Civility School has taught children and young adults modern manners and etiquette that is relevant in our global society.  The Professional Civility training program has helped numerous organizations assess their Civility Quotient.  This leads to customized training, the development of Core Civility Values, and an action plan. Robyn also travels to colleges and graduate schools to present etiquette workshops geared toward success in today’s broad professional spheres.

The Civility School’s battle cry is “for the comfort and convenience of others”. Cultural awareness, flexibility, and empathetic intention are the keys to her method. Robyn has traveled extensively in North and Central America, Australasia, Africa, Europe, and Asia. These cultural experiences, along with her master’s level teaching, counseling, and mediation background, combine to create a thoughtful and deep treatment of the often trivialized world of etiquette.

Robyn is a vibrant and engaging speaker and trainer. She has inspired many with her passion for bringing improving civility through etiquette. She stays engaged with the evolving nature of human interaction and the subtleties of a changing world. Her instruction is always up-to-date, relevant, and entertaining.