Etiquette Training at Universities–Beyond the Fork

It’s an understatement to say that the U.S. needs a civility tune-up. Fortunately, universities and student groups are recognizing this. Administrators, faculty, and student leaders are calling me with close-to-urgent cries for etiquette training in SOMETHING.  *Etiquette dinners* are the SOMETHING that most seem able to articulate. After chatting with callers a bit, however, I usually gather that achieving perfect western dining etiquette is…

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The Reluctant Etiquette Expert Gives In

"Robyn, you may want to revisit the text on your site to actually include the word 'etiquette'."

Robyn's Website Designer

So, I did it. I did what my talented and oh-so-smart designer friend told me to do, and added THAT WORD. Why, you might ask, would an etiquette teacher and trainer find it so difficult to add the word *ETIQUETTE* to her website.  Well… First of all, I’m really not all that well-mannered.  I mean I know what to do…

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Tips for Avoiding Political Showdowns at the Holidays

Angry Woman

Shortly before Thanksgiving, I was asked to speak about how to navigate holiday get-togethers during these politically tumultuous times.  What to do when Uncle Larry and Cousin Mary start talking turkey—after the wine but before the actual bird is served. Other protocol experts say make an announcement. At the beginning of the meal or on the invitation, declare the event…

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