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Reluctant Etiquette Expert

Founder of The Civility School and creator of the Professional Civility training program. Robyn teaches manners and etiquette, with an emphasis on empathetic intention and global cultural awareness, to the workplace, schools and home.

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“Civility and etiquette are not synonymous.  In fact, sometimes, you must forget what your mama taught you for civility to flourish.”

—Robyn Jackson

Robyn’s Client Say:

“Robyn is sharp and concise yet with graceful style. Frankly, I thought her course would focus only on business etiquette and wouldn’t be particularly enthralling; however, I quickly learned her consultancy slogan and general battle cry—for the comfort and convenience of others—is exactly why and what every business should practice to benefit its clients.”

Todd HawkinsPresident at BuilderFish: Fine, Innovative, Signature Homes

“Robyn explains not only the rules themselves, but the cultural history and rationale for various practices. This deeper viewpoint removes the feeling of arbitrariness and helps one remember the correct approach. Whether you are a newly minted professional or a seasoned rainmaker, you’ll finish this seminar with increased confidence in your ability to navigate various business etiquette scenarios. Best of all, it’s a really fun and interesting way to spend a couple of hours!”

Kitt MattinglyAttorney at Davidson & Kitzmann, PLC

“Our field personnel had some trepidation about this. Robyn’s workshop made them comfortable and she got the whole group participating and interacting in ways we’d never seen before. We got a great deal of positive feedback that it helped our our guys communicate with customer more professionally AND more comfortably for them. This was a great experience for us, can’t recommend it enough.”

Matt WilkinsonBeck Cohen

“Robyn presented a great perspective on professional conduct for the Leadership Boot Camp which I coordinated. This was a group connected to the construction industry who typically did not have much exposure to dining etiquette, email protocol, and other examples of business conduct. She has an easy going manner while setting a professional example herself.”

Ulli MunroeMunroe Consulting, Inc.

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